Thursday, February 10, 2011

Six people have been killed and six others injured after a small plane travelling from Belfast crashed in fog at Cork Airport.

The Manx2 commuter flight with 10 passengers and two crew on board crashed on the runway on its third attempt to land just before 1000 GMT.
The aircraft overturned and burst into flames.
The six injured are being treated at Cork University Hospital. Four are said to be in a serious condition.
The other two are described as being 'comfortable'.
No details about those on board have been released, but all their families have been informed.
Flight NM7100, a scheduled daily flight from Belfast to Cork, left George Best Belfast City Airport at 0750 GMT.
People living close to where the crash happened said they heard the plane flying overhead near Blarney, outside Cork city and it sounded "like it was in trouble".
A woman who was driving her husband to the airport said they were turned back by Gardai.
"There was a huge sense of urgency and it was obvious that something big had happened," she said.
She said that a police officer told her husband "he wouldn't be flying anywhere today".
Another eyewitness who was travelling in a taxi said he could see that the plane must have left the runway. He said people waiting at Cork airport were frantic.

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