Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blair Government under Scanner

NHS Blair Government policies are under severe criticism. Recent study has established a fact that labor government is overly inclined towards an expensive mortgage scheme, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) leaving NHS under huge financial burden.

Sending an alarming signal, Public health expert Professor Allyson Pollock criticized the government of choosing over- valued NHS PFI contracts over health care funding.

Further, Pollock reportedly claimed that the biased policy of goverment can cost quality health care services in the country.

The report has also unveiled that 101 out of 135 new NHS hospitals, built from1997-2009, were heavily paid, for being in contracts with PFI. Adding to the woes of financial crises, the government is reported to be under debt of £42.79bn.

The author of the study has raised concern over the upsurge in the interest rate levied by PFI which would further worsen the financial crunch, NHS is facing.

Study published in the British Medical Journal reportedly unveiled that the annual PFI debt repayments are 2.4 times higher than the amount government would have paid , had it took the initiative of buying, itself.

As per the latest reports, a mental health trust reportedly withdrew one of its contacts with PFI and had reportedly saved a whopping £14million.

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