Thursday, February 10, 2011

Police are told to put the Drink- Drive samples on hold

Police are told to put the Drink- Drive samples on holdThe Police of BY Jon Clements were told to put on hold, the samples they have from the drink and drive case. This was after the forensic staff stopped its testing.

According to a leaked memo, the analysts of the Forensic Science Service, have halted the processing the auto cases. This is because it is being shut down.

The staff has been ordered to put in refrigeration, all the samples of urine and blood, until and unless, the ownership can be transferred to a private company which can continue the work.
There have been many important cases in which FSS has majorly been a part of. Chorley investigator Lancs has been a part of the of the Ian Huntley and Roy Whiting cases.

The National Policing Improvement agency hopes that they shall soon be able to find a suitable replacement for the loss of the FSS. It is essential that the storage be handled well otherwise it might lead to throwing out of all the samples, if there is delay in the court cases.

The NPIA memo said: “We appreciate the challenges and difficulties that this change may cause your force. However, we would ask that you continue to work with us whilst we resolve this issue.”

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