Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fathers deserve a ‘maternity leave’ as well!

Fathers deserve a ‘maternity leave’ as well!After 1000 parents were surveyed, the Association of Women for Action and Research says it wants paternity leave to be made a law. It is the same sort of debate that had sparked three years ago. Some are for it and some are not.

It was then that the government had decided to not make it a law. This was after they had made a study of the other countries that had this provision and did not make any use of it.

There is a need to make the fathers realize that they are equally important in the upbringing of the child in the initial years of life. There are obligations that the fathers need to understand.

Parenthood needs to taken up as a joint responsibility by both the parents. By making this law mandatory, it shall help fathers in realizing their share of the same.

When this law is made mandatory, it shall be possible to make the daddies understand the needs of their families better. It is a good way in involving the entire family in the chorus and this would foster love and a sense of oneness in them.

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