Thursday, February 10, 2011

Genetic Code Discovered Could Save 10000 Prostate Cancer Patients A Year

Genetic Code Discovered Could Save 10000 Prostate Cancer Patients A YearIt is one of the most common life eaters in British men. Prostate cancer is responsible for the claim of so many lives in a year. According to new researches conducted by Scientists, there has been the discovery of the genetic code of the disease.

It is a groundbreaking discovery and it could save the lives of so many. It is a horrible disease and about 35000 men are affected by it in a year. As for the death counts, about 10000 people die of it every year.

According to this discovery, patients would be able to maintain their own charts of mutation. This shall be helpful in keeping a track of the flaws that prevail and also would be able to discover the best of the medicines that could treat the ailment.

Dr Mike Berger, the U. S. study’s lead author, said: ‘This is a transforming moment in understanding the underlying biology of prostate cancer.’

It has been a complex process in which the scientists in Harvard Medical School decoded the DNA structures of the cancer affected patients. This was then compared with the healthy tissue and this is how the difference was registered.

The tumor affected DNA had as many as 5900 mistakes in it resulting in the disease. The findings are sure to prove a great help in the cure of the disease.

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