Thursday, February 10, 2011

B.C. NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen: Soft on Marijuana

B.C. NDP Leadership Candidate Dana Larsen: Soft on MarijuanaSoda drinking is more lethal than marijuana. The B. C. NDP leadership candidate, Dana Larsen has appealed to levy more tax on the consumption of soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks fruit punches, fruit cocktails, and other sugar-sweetened beverages.

Tagging sugar–sweetened beverages as root cause of obesity, former B. C. Marijuana Party leader has expressed his willingness to market soft drinks in the similar theme of cigarette marketing.

As per recent media reports, Larsen has endorsed the idea of legalizing marijuana, by putting an end to the long time war. Criticizing British Columbians of covering the real cost of sugar-sweetened beverages, Larsen warned consumer of potential harmful effects of beverages.

Citing annual loss of over $450 million, due to obesity related illness; Larsen has laid down plans to wipe out soda products from the market.

Further, Larsen expressed his hard stance of abolishing the name “juice” from the market. Additionally, Larsen is planning to launch a drive to root out all sale outlets of sugar-sweetened beverages in the public places, including schools, hospitals, and stations.

Going further, Larsen assured of easy access to free sanitary water foundation in the public places and unveiled his plans of utilizing the raised funds, from the excessive tax levied on sugar-sweetened beverage, to launch a massive marketing campaign against the beverages.

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