Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liquid Medications And Inhalers Used Wrongly In Care-homes, Study Reveals

British Medical Journal of Quality and SafetyAs per the findings of the new research, which were published in the British Medical Journal of Quality and Safety, it was found that there are ascended chances of errors in the dosage if the medication is not imparted through a monitored dosage system.

The study, which recruited 233 residents in 55 residential homes, unveiled that the liquid medicines are at the highest risks of given wrongly, with more than 4 times as compared to capsules of tablets.

The trial targeted mainly to representative sample of varying sizes, ownerships and types of care offered.
The research findings indicated that the possibilities of errors were 19 times incremented with the employment of ointments, creams or eye/ear drops, whereas the whopping 33% chances of mistakes were in the case of inhalers.

A physician reasoned the error likelihood in case of inhalers by stating that since inhalers are complex devices, there are number of precautions to be kept in mind while using them. As a result, not everyone is capable of using them.

The researchers, who led the study, David Phillip Alldred and his colleagues at the University of Leeds, concluded by emphasizing that the errors can be reduced if properly monitored dosage systems are put into use at hospitals.

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