Thursday, February 10, 2011

Health Canada Orders the Removal of Six Over-the-Counter Drugs

Health Canada Orders the Removal of Six Over-the-Counter DrugsHealth Canada has directed pharmacists to remove six types of over-the-counter drugs available at chemists across the country. The latest decision has been implemented because of a possible contamination of drugs between product lines.

The drug maker from Laval in Quebec, Pharmetics Inclusive has recalled six of its over-the-counter medicines following an evaluation carried out by Health Canada. In the report compiled after the inspection, it was reported that Pharmetics assembly line did have a lot of deficiencies.

According to an advisory posted by Health Canada on Tuesday, it has cautioned people that some of the products being sold had the wrong expiry date pasted on them. Apart from that, it has also warned that some of the medicines manufactured at the facility were contaminated because of a mix up with other drugs.

The store selling the drugs has labeled them as in house products. The affected medicines include Extra Strength Acetaminophen Tablets (500gms), which is sold at Loblaws and Shoppers. Acetaminophen, Caffeine & 8mg Codeine Phosphate Tablets that is being sold at stores like Loblaws, Shoppers, Rexall, and Procurity.

Another drug, Muscle and Back Pain Relief Extra Strength Tablets have been taken off the shelves. Daytime Sinus Relief Extra Strength Tablets and Allergy & Sinus Relief Extra Strength Tablets are also among the drugs that have been recalled.

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