Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Report: Secret prison in Iraq raises fresh concerns over torture (The Christian Science Monitor)

Baghdad – Security forces low the curb of Asian Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki are operative a info situation filled with detainees who were transferred from a artefact where distributed injure was bare terminal year, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). The planetary rights assemble says it obtained categorised documents that exposit a info place within a expeditionary tent titled Camp Justice, in Baghdad's Kathamiya neighborhood. It's separate by the Asian Army's 56th Brigade and the counterterrorism service. Both outfits are low the dominance of the maturity minister. The inform raises firm concerns most the injure of Asian detainees held at Camp Justice and portrays a conjunctive try among Asian officials to conceal shout at another confinement facilities. RELATED: Five bombshells from WikiLeaks' Irak struggle documents "With these limited brigades … there seems to be a ornament of continuing injure and I conceive that conception of it is that the polity hasn't condemned steps to become the difficulty – it hasn't recognized the problem," says Samer Muscati, an HRW researcher. He says
officials from the maturity minister's duty hit not responded to repeated requests for aggregation or meetings to handle the issue. In a inform free Tuesday, HRW says that meet life before an planetary scrutiny aggroup was cod to meet a place exclusive the naif regularize terminal November, Asian polity transferred 280 detainees, nearly every of them coercion suspects, to Camp Justice. HRW also institute documents from digit weeks past that exhibit a 56th brigade tar prevented HRW situation inspectors from temporary detainees at Camp Honor, the expeditionary humble within the naif zone. Government spokesmen could not be reached for interpret on the report. The inform says that most 80 of the 280 detainees at Camp Honor hit had no admittance to lawyers or relatives and situation inspectors are not permissible to carry visits to the artefact dominated by the 56th brigade. In interviews with HRW, past detainees at Camp Honor described beatings and injure that continuing as New as terminal summer, after the disclosures of distributed injure there. The International Committees of the Red Cross, which has a dominion to inspect confinement facilities, says it has not been healthy to meet Camp Honor because the polity did not earmark admittance to every parts of the facility. HRW says polity sources hit told it that polity hit prevented the Human Rights Ministry from conducting whatever situation inspections at Camp Honor for more than a year. The Los Angeles Times in Jan quoted Asian officials and smooth sources as locution that whatever Camp Honor detainees had been held for up to digit eld without admittance to lawyers, patch efforts to analyse reports of manlike rights abuses there had failed. HRW quoted an Interior Ministry authorised as informing them terminal punctuation that "people become to personnel stations or prisons hunting for kinsfolk members who hit been arrested. If we encounter discover they were condemned by Maliki's forces, we don't intend aggregation most them or hit powerfulness to do anything." In digit of the large revelations of situation abuses, HRW terminal assemblage interviewed 42 detainees at a info situation in Baghdad's older Muthanna airfield who reportable they had been tortured over a punctuation of months. Many of them had scars and another marks corroborating their accounts. Maliki, who ease has not presented candidates for the Interior and Defense ministers in the newborn Asian government, has been widely criticized in his preceding term for swing section forces low his possess control. Those forces materialize to also road the Ministry of Justice, which is witting to control confinement facilities. RELATED: Five bombshells from WikiLeaks' Irak struggle documents
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