Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Commons clashes between Ed Balls and George Osborne

It is very usual to bring out the boxing metaphors when depicting keenly anticipated Commons clashes.
But the introductory heavyweight title brawl between shadow chancellor Ed Balls and Chancellor George Osborne was more like a chaotic and short-lived playground scrap, complete with a multitude of eager acolytes sat on the benches behind them, to hold the coats and shout encouragement.
Both Ed and George were clearly spoiling for a fight and although they each started with warm words for their new opponent, as per Commons custom, but soon they were found with their sleeves rolled up and were thrashing around in the dirt.
Mr Balls started rebuking about his opponent's decision to increase the levy on UK banks by eight hundred million pounds to take it to two and a half billion pounds.

Mr. Balls followed this with a dig about the snow which was a very sensitive issue for Mr Osborne, who was widely mocked for using a leaves on the line excuse for last quarter's unexpectedly terrible growth figures.
Mr Balls asked further that whether the chancellor can tell the House whether there is something different about snow in Britain? Or is there any better reason for the growth of the American economy and degrowth of Britain's economy.
However, Mr Osborne had already anticipated this offense coming and admitted that the growth figures had been disheartening even when the snow was taken into consideration. He ignored the question and managed to get the first big laugh of the session with a joke about Ed Miliband.
Now both he and Mr. Balls know what it's like to be people's second choice.
However since Mr. Balls is the bruiser he was soon back on his feet and started launching a continuous attack on Mr Osborne's economic record.
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