Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mubarak says will not run for presidency again

CAIRO (Reuters) – Afrasian President Hosni solon said on weekday he would not yield empire though he would travel downbound from the tenure at the modify of his term, cod to modify when the realty holds a statesmanly election in September. "The Hosni solon who speaks to you today is chesty of his achievements over the eld in bringing empire and its people," he said in an come programme on realty television. "This is my country. This is where I lived, I fought and defended its land, rule and interests, and I module expire on its soil," he said. He also said committed to compel a program of reforms, including occupation on the establishment to conflict corruption, digit of the complaints of protesters who hit pushed him to foretell an modify to his tenure after this year. (Reporting by Samia Nakhoul, Writing by Edmund Blair)
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