Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facebook campus to shift to Menlo ParkAn announcement is to be made by Facebook tomorrow wherein it would disclose their reallocation to Menlo Park. Although the Company have had its campus in Palo Alto since 2004 but it was later realized that it’s present campus failed to support its swelling ranks.

Another announcement which is likely to be made is about the purchase of the old 57-acre Sun Microsystems campus from Oracle, which had reportedly acquired Sun in 2009.

Ever since the procurement had been made Oracle has been slowly and steadily shifting its members of the Sun Microsystems staff to its other offices. Hence excluding a few buildings, the previous Sun campus is mostly neglected.
A little far from the main Sun Microsystems campus, as per sources Facebook has also acquired 312 and 314 Constitution Avenue. These buildings reportedly were initially the possessions of General Motors and are part of a larger complex owned by Tyco Electronics.

Though the latest paperwork indicates that these buildings are the possession of Facebook, but sources say that long time ago Tyco had sold the buildings to General Motors.

It is less likely that these would be used for office work instead they might be used for storage, parking or server purposes. Several details about the shifting and further deal are yet to be announced.

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