Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fight against Mental Illness

The Fight against Mental IllnessThere are a lot of things one would hide about themselves. Mental illness is one of these. There are about 20% of Canadians who would be affected by mental illness of some sort or the other in the course of their lives. These would include anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorders and so on. These mental illnesses can affect one in a deteriorating manner.

These can affect one, regardless of age, sex and conditions of living. It is something that can affect the society in a very adverse way. Here are discriminations one may be subject to, due to these mental illnesses.

There is a way in which every human being is special and effective counseling can make the person realize that. This realization in turn cures the man of these illnesses. These illnesses are sometimes so minor and so regular looking, that one wouldn’t even know till something huge happens.

The difference you can do about it, it simple. There are foundations that are here to collect funds for the help of the mentally ill. This is a way to ensure that they are treated well and have fewer obstacles on their road to recovery. One can sure contribute towards these funds. Every penny spent here is sure spent wisely and would go for productive use.

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