Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camden Government to address Dementia Patients Needs

Dementia patients living in Britain will soon access more advanced facilities of a day care center. As per the reports, Camden MP Geoff Corrigan has reportedly expressed his satisfaction over the pace of construction done at the old Broughton House site.
Accommodating 18 patients, the care centre is well equipped with advanced facilities to cater the needs of dementia patients. Appreciating the architecture of the care center, Corrigan confirmed the presence of numerous recreational activities in the premises.
Further, the center is well connected with the Camden hospital in order to support any emergency case. Informing about the layout, Corrigan informed about a resting room, a separate lounge and a counseling room.
With the needs to dementia patients catered by the current government, an appeal has been made by the opposition party to install flash lights at the school zones.

Opposition party spokesperson Andrews Stoner has reportedly stressed on the need of installing flash lights at the school zone to provide safe route to the school children.
Further, spokesperson Cr Patterson expressed his willingness to join as MP for Camden so as to improve the safety standards around schools. Though no schools have requested to install the flash lights, Cr Patterson has offered his complete support to render his services for the welfare of school’s community
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