Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poll: Record disapproval rate for Obama

President Barack Obama's second year in office has polarized the US as a 68 point gap divides the two major political camps in the country over his performance, a recent Gallup poll shows.

In fact, no president since President Dwight Eisenhower, over 50 years ago, has had a more polarizing second year than Obama.

Results revealed that 81 percent of Democrats and only 13 percent of Republicans have expressed their approval of the condition, indicating a whopping 68 point approval gap between the two parties.

The poll linked Obama's disapproval rating to the poorly performing economy, adding that "the other presidents with low second-year averages also took office during difficult economic times," reports Newsroom America.

Two years into President Obama's presidency, he has failed to deliver on a significant number of his campaign slogans including upending the lobbying culture in Washington, bolstering the US economy, and bringing transparency to Washington.

"[Obama] completely ignored the fact that the country is mired in a grinding recession, with basically 25 percent -- one in four Americans -- out of work or working at a part time job… and he talked about the country having broken the back of the recession as though it's over," Dave Lindorff - author and investigative journalist - told Press TV in an exclusive interview.

“Housing prices are still going down, unemployment is stagnant at these very high levels, and there is nothing being done to stimulate the economy," Lindorff added.

President Ronald Reagan's second year approval gap at 56 points comes in second highest, while Clinton's 54 point gap comes in third; George W. Bush holds the record for the most polarized year of any year, and the most years in the top ten.

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