Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jordan opposition rejects new govt.

Jordanian opposition protesters shout slogans and carry the Islamic Action Front's flag during an anti-government protest in the capital, Amman on Friday, February 4, 2011.
Jordan's main Islamic opposition group refuses to join a new government led by Prime Minister Marruf Bakhit, calling for new parliamentary elections.

"Taking part in this government under the current circumstances is out of the question," Hamzah Mansur, who leads the political arm of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Action Front, told AFP on Sunday.

"Acceptable participation for us is the one that comes through national consensus and parliamentary elections," he added.

Jordanian King Abdullah II replaced former Premier Samir Rifai with Bakhit on Tuesday, after three weeks of anti-government protests.

The monarch has instructed his choice to "take practical, quick and tangible steps to launch true political reforms."

Members of major tribes in Jordan, however, have condemned what they call rampant corruption in the country.

The tribal citizens have criticized what they call interference in executive decisions by those who have no constitutional powers -- an apparent reference to Queen Rania.

The opposition has warned of a popular uprising similar to the Egyptian revolution -- which entered its 13th day on Sunday -- should no reforms take place.

Jordanians have also held demonstrations in support of the popular uprising in the North African country, hailing the outraged Egyptian's cause of toppling the regime of their three-decade-long President Hosni Mubarak.

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