Sunday, February 6, 2011

Britain slams Germany over Afghan war

Britain's Defense Secretary, Liam Fox, has lashed out at some European countries for failing to provide enough support for the war in Afghanistan.

Fox unleashed a stinging public rebuke on Germany and Italy for failing to meet their commitments as far as the undermanned helicopter fleet in Afghanistan is concerned.

The Defense Secretary said Germany and Italy did not provide money, troops or equipment to help bolster the helicopter fleet.

Fox made the comments after he revealed that a British and French initiative to raise €60 million for 10 helicopters for troops fighting in Afghanistan had only generated three aircraft with €8 million from Britain and €5 million from France.

“Some of Europe's richest nations have failed to deliver on this project notably Germany and Italy,” he said.

Fox added that the richer countries' failure comes while smaller countries such as Norway and Denmark had contributed their share to the project.

“What this does illustrate is that the same countries are doing the deploying and funding and the same countries are missing from the equation,” he told the House of Lords foreign affair committee.

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