Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egypt protesters call for final countdown

Egyptian anti-government demonstrators gather in Liberation Square in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011. AP photo
Egyptian protesters call for fresh multi-million-strong rallies against out-of-favor President Hosni Mubarak and his government in the coming days.

Egyptian demonstrators gathered in Cairo's Liberation Square on Sunday to honor the martyrs of 13 days of anti-government protests.

They have managed to stay in the central square, despite heavy army presence and attacks by pro-government thugs.

Protesters say their achievements in recent days have made it impossible for them to give up until President Mubarak quits power.

The developments come as the government has entered talks with opposition groups to discuss political reforms.

Egypt's opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, has agreed to join talks with the government of President Mubarak but says that the meeting is “in no way in the form of negotiations, it is rather statement of our demands.”

Senior party officials said they would enter talks with Vice-President Omar Suleiman, but will drop out if the demands made by the protesters during the last two weeks are not met.

Earlier, the Muslim Brotherhood representative in Britain, Mohammad Ghanem, confirmed to Press TV that his party will hold talks with the government. However, he said the position of the Muslim Brotherhood has not changed.

The government has pledged to hold talks with all opposition parties to discuss democratic reforms that would lead to the replacement of President Mubarak.

The Muslim Brotherhood is officially banned in Egypt. The group, however, enjoys popular support.

Meanwhile, people and leaders around the world are rallying in solidarity with the Egyptian people's protests against Mubarak.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for a democratic transition in Egypt as soon as possible.

Erdogan suggested that an interim administration be formed to pave the way for the fulfillment of the Egyptian people's demands.

The Turkish leader said democratic change in Egypt would have a positive impact on the entire region.

Earlier, Erdogan called on the Egyptian president to immediately step down, saying Mubarak's promise to resign in September is not enough.

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