Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak/Suleiman status quo a no-go for pro-democracy groups

by Tony Esposito for USA News Port
Tension has returned to the streets of Cairo, this time all the way to the parliamentary buildings of President Mubarak’s ironically named National Democratic Party.

Although Mubarak claims to have plans to leave office in September the government protesters do not trust him based on past experience. Furthermore, his handpicked vice-president and probable successor, Omar Suleiman, has been a rock-solid supporter of the Mubarak regime and has recently been its spy chief. As if to confirm the fears of the pro-democracy groups, Suleiman warned of a coup and said that the crisis must end, adding, "We don't want to deal with Egyptian society with police tools." 

Pro-democracy groups are becoming increasingly worried about the role of the U.S. and Israel, believing they are too accommodating of Mubarak’s interests in whatever new government is formed. Both the U.S. and Israel support Suleiman as Mubarak's successor.


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