Friday, February 11, 2011

Public Appeal Against Dengue By Queensland Officials

dengue feverHealth officials of Queensland have sent a word of caution indicating the expected outbreak of dengue fever in cyclone-hit areas.

Reportedly there are 33 cases of people affected with dengue in Townsville itself. A sharp spur is observed in the cases, with the number doubling itself from the last week.

Though, health experts ruled out the contribution of Yasi but they emphasized that people still in cyclone devastated areas are at the higher risk of contracting the fever, and thus are advised to take special care of themselves.

Deputy Mayor Mark Nolan, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, said: "So far they are all locals but because there is an influx of volunteers and other agencies in the area helping with the recovery we fear it may spread”.

He added that there are total of four types of dengue viruses, main carrier of which is a distinct species of mosquitoes, namely Aedes aegypti.

He claimed that a person, who gets infected with any of the viruses, would not be immune to another type. The person affected with more than a single type, can develop serious and acute symptoms.

It is highly recommended for all to keep the surroundings clean and wear covered clothes to avoid mosquito bites.source

Immediately contact your doctor if you observe any dengue symptom, which includes fever, intense headaches, muscle and joint pain and in severe cases haemorrhagic fever.

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