Friday, February 11, 2011

Issues of Health and Economy!

Issues of Health and Economy!Earlier this month, there was a strong statement made by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, regarding its decision against the Reproductive health bill.

It is currently an issue for discussion by the representatives of the Lower House.

Roughly around the same time, Malacanang came out to say that it was no more supporting the RH bill to Congress, as the topmost priority. It also said that it would wait till the current talks with the Catholic Bishops came to a conclusive end.

There have been assurances made by the Palace that it would go forward with the law. It is now clear that these were mere promises and that it has yet again given into the powers of the Roman Catholic Church.

It has been 13 years the RH bill has been around. It was first presented and then reintroduced with modifications at every new legislative session.

There is a need to control the population of Philippines, since it is growing at scary rates. There is a need to regulate some sort of control over it.

The economy has to be amalgamated with the exploding population. The population has to be made to come to terms with the economy of the nation. It is high time there are steps taken in this regard.

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