Wednesday, February 16, 2011

US students have been a prime target for the United States military, which looks for new recruits on high school campuses, a new report reveals.

Parents at a Los Angeles-area high school told Press TV that US military recruiters are harassing their children and behaving inappropriately toward them. 

Parents said they are concerned about how available their children are to the army recruiters.

Students, parents, and community organizers are outraged at the inappropriate behavior they say military recruiters are conducting on campus.

Ya Basta Youth Coalition in Los Angeles, along with dozens of students and parents, has organized a protest outside North Hollywood High School to protest army recruitment in the schools.

“Basically, recruits (recruitment officers) are on campus whenever they want. They are violating district policy,” said the protest organizer, Miguel Zavala. 

They are interrupting instructions, they are harassing students. They are also trying to recruit them on Facebook,” he said.

Zavala went on to say that his group has constantly been receiving complaints about recruiters on campus.

This, however, has not stopped the recruitment officers from wandering through the hallways and approaching students throughout the day, the Press TV report said. source

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