Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egypt's military rulers have ordered a panel of civilian experts to amend five articles in the country's suspended constitution within ten days.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces have instructed an eight-member panel of jurists and scholars to revise articles it sees fit to guarantee Egypt's democracy, a Press TV correspondent reported. Sobhi Saleh, a panel member and former lawmaker from the Islamist opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, said the armed forces want to hand over power as soon as possible and they want amendments to the constitution. 

The committee will be chaired by Tareq el-Beshry, a respected former head of the Egyptian supreme constitutional court, the report added. 

The panel “must finish its work in a period of no longer than 10 days after the date of this decision," and must also eliminate articles giving presidents unlimited terms in office, the army said in a statement.

"The council affirmed that it is not seeking power, the current situation was imposed on the armed forces and that they will not betray people's trust," the statement added. 

Egypt's military took power on February 11, after President Hosni Mubarak resigned in a televised program due to a nationwide, 18-day series of popular protests that shook the country to its foundations. 

The military rulers then suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament. The army promised to oversee a six-month transition to democratic rule, urging the strikers to end pro-democracy protests and return to work. 

This is while, thousands of Egyptian protesters are still demanding that the new military rulers hand over power to a civilian government as soon as possible.source

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