Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russia has pledged to carry out an all-out clampdown on terrorism in response to a Chechnya-based militant group's admission that it was responsible for the deadly bombing at a Moscow airport last month.

"Russia will carry out an uncompromised fight against international terrorism and will always be a reliable ally of states that opposes terror by all legal means," AFP quoted Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as saying on Tuesday during a presentation ceremony for foreign ambassadors' credentials in Moscow. 

He went on to say that terrorism, which "defies the fundamental rights, freedoms and democratic foundations of the society" and "denies the value of a human life," still poses a major threat to global security. 

He made the remarks on the very day that Doku Umarov, the leader of militants in the North Caucasus and one of Russia's most wanted figures, claimed responsibility for the bombing at an airport in Russia last month which left 35 people dead.

On January 24, 35 people were killed and another 180 injured after a massive explosion ripped through the arrival gates of Domodedovo Airport -- Russia's most crowded international airport.

Medvedev had upbraided airport managers and security officials over the deadly blast, saying he ordered the FSB and the Interior Ministry to conduct a thorough investigation into the bombing and to prosecute those who failed to supply proper security at the airport.

Medvedev also fired several FSB security service officers on Tuesday over their failure to provide security prior to the bombing.

Umarov, the Chechnya-born head of the self-declared Caucasus Emirate, had previously claimed to have ordered the March 2010 bombing in the Moscow Metro in which 39 people died, and the November 2009 bombing of a train from Moscow to St. Petersburg that killed 26 people. source

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