Friday, February 4, 2011

Raymond Davis’ diplomatic status ‘dubious’: govt sources

Raymond Davis

ISLAMABAD: Sources in the Pakistan government said that Raymond Davis’ diplomatic status was dubious, DawnNews reported.
They further said that the Foreign Office had not issued the ‘diplomatic card’ to Raymond Davis, a US consular employee who was arrested a week ago for shooting dead two motorcyclists in Lahore in what he said was self-defence.
Earlier on Thursday, the United States government, in a diplomatic note to the Pakistan government, admitted that not all administrative and technical staffers of embassies and consulates in Pakistan were given the diplomatic status.
The note further stated that although not all embassy and consulate staffers in Pakistan have the diplomatic status, it could not be concluded that this annulled their diplomatic immunities under the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations.
The US government further demanded Pakistan to clarify the situation and to not leave the resolution of the issue to the courts.
The US government emphasised that if Raymond Davis’ diplomatic status cannot be established then the issue should be resolved bilaterally.

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