Friday, February 4, 2011

London braces for huge protest rally

The UK trade unions are preparing for the biggest union event in decades in the form of nation-wide rallies and marches against the government's spending cuts.

The Trade Unions Congress (TUC), as the organization tasked with coordinating the unions' events, has kicked off work to distribute thousands of leaflets in which it has elaborated on the disputes surrounding the government's controversial austerity measures and called on people from all walks of life to attend the national protest in central London on March 26.

The TUC said it has also booked hundreds of coaches and chartered trains to transfer people from across the country to London for the march and rally.

The TUC has written in the leaflets that the UK's debt is lower than in most years of the last century, arguing that the country has no problem servicing its debt.

"The Government is therefore wrong to say that there is no alternative. The real job of closing the deficit will come from the increased tax raised by economic growth and getting people back to work. But this will require a longer timetable to close the deficit, as the deep rapid cuts imposed by the government will choke off economic recovery", says The Cuts Are Not The Cure leaflet.

“As the cuts begin to bite, the government has completely lost the argument that its cuts are fair. With the economy plunging back into negative growth, it is clear that the Government's economic gamble has failed”, said TUC general secretary Brendan Barber.

"More and more people are therefore looking at arguments for an alternative and for ways of showing their opposition to the coalition's deep, rapid cuts”, added Barber.

"It's clear that the TUC's march has captured the mood of the country and looks set to be the biggest event in our recent history", Barber said.

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