Thursday, February 24, 2011

FAISALABAD: Three men forcibly gave poison on Wednesday night to maternal uncle of Shumaila, who had committed suicide after the murder of her husband, Faheem, by US national Raymond Davis.

Sarwar was residing with his family, including Shumaila’s mother and brother Afzal, in Chak 189-JB, Rasoolpura, Nethari, in the precincts of Chak Jhumrah police station.
According to sources, two motorcyclists had warned Sarwar on Feb 11 not to pursue the case registered against Raymond Davis. After the incident, the police had provided them security.
Afzal, another uncle of Shumaila, told Dawn that three men entered the house through a ventilator, grasped Sarwar and subjected him to severe torture.

Afzal claimed that they administered him poisonous pills, citing the recovery of one tablet from the spot.
He said the men remained in the house for about half an hour and fled when other family members woke up. Sarwar was taken to hospital by Rescue 1122.
A police official said that condition of Sarwar was stable. He said that a permanent security camp would be set up outside the house of Sarwar.source


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