Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt police kill protester in Alexandria

Graphic video footage has emerged from Egypt showing a protester being shot dead by police in Alexandria as revolution rocks the North African nation.

The video appearing on the internet on Monday shows a man approaching armed security forces, opening his jacket facing the police in an apparent attempt to show them he is unarmed.

But the officers shot him after he began to walk away. The incident has reportedly taken place on January 28th in Alexandria.

More than 300 people are estimated to have been killed since the protests began two weeks ago in the crisis-hit country.

The protesters have vowed to continue demonstrations until the embattled President Hosni Mubarak leaves office.

The demonstrators chanted anti-regime slogans at Liberation Square in the capital city of Cairo on the 14th day of protests calling for the ouster of Mubarak, a Press TV correspondent reported on Modnay.

Protesters said their prayers in the presence of security forces as many of them spent the night in the square despite heavy military presence.

The Egyptian army fired into the air to disperse protesters in the square. Protesters formed a human shield in central Cairo in order to block the army tanks to enter the square.

Demonstrators took to streets despite talks between the Egyptian government and opposition parties that produced no immediate breakthrough in the two-week-old standoff.

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