Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amid recent unrest in Libya, UK airlines have cancelled their flights to the country but arranging commercial flights for British people to leave the North African country.

Of UK airlines, British Airways and British Midland International have cancelled their services to the capital of Libya, Trablus. The Foreign Office has also arranged commercial flights as well as charters to help British people leave the country. 

At the same time other European governments, including Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria and Portugal are sending airplanes to get their people out of the unrest.

Manchester Airport spokesperson, which has always been in a daily connection with Trablus, said that all flights were cancelled. 

"It operated yesterday - it brought in around 50 people and around eight passengers left on it. But the handling agents have told us it's been cancelled today,” he said.

It is also said that even calls to Libyan Airlines in UK have not been answered during the past three days. source

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