Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'UK's anti-Iran bids rooted in history'

In response to British envoy's recent remarks against Iran, an Iranian lawmaker insists that Britain has a long history of publicizing allegations of human rights abuses against the Islamic Republic.

After the Islamic Revolution, which put enemies' interests in jeopardy, Iran's foes have been hatching plots and waging psychological warfare against the Islamic Republic, Kazem Farahmand told IRNA on Tuesday. 

Farahmand went on to say that the British envoy's recent anti-Iran remarks, which challenged human rights standards and freedom of thought in the country, provide clear evidence of the nature of London's policy towards Tehran. 

On December 9, British Ambassador Simon Gass posted questionable remarks on the British Embassy's website regarding human rights in Iran. 

“Such lies and untrue statements by our enemies are normal, and our nation and government will not give in to these issues,” Farahmand stressed. 

The Iranian lawmaker recommended Gass to think about change and “reforms in his own country” rather than Iran, saying the Islamic Republic and its officials are committed to human rights and the rights of all individuals are definitely observed in the country. 

The British diplomat's remarks sparked massive criticism among Iranian authorities, who regarded the move as 'blatant interference' in Iran's internal affairs. 

Gass' anti-Iran statements coincide with the brutal suppression and arrest of British students by the country's police forces. The students, who are simply expressing their objection to tuition fee hikes, have been severely assaulted and arrested by the British police.Source

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