Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clashes kill 11 in Somali capital

At least 11 people have died in fresh clashes between al-Shabab fighters and government-backed troops in Somalia's war-torn capital, Mogadishu, witnesses say.

Fierce gun battle and shelling rocked Mogadishu's northern districts of Hodan and Bondhere, where fighters from al-Shabab and Hizbul Islam attacked positions of pro-government forces backed by African Union peacekeepers, a Press TV correspondent said. 

Witnesses said incessant shelling destroyed residential areas, causing civilian casualties. 

“On Wednesday evening, I have seen the dead bodies of at least 11 civilians lying on the street of Boondhere,” an eyewitness told our correspondent. 

The village was turned into a battle field with the fighting raging on for more than seven hours, witnesses said. 

The seaside city has been the scene of heavy clashes between rival forces, which killed more than 30 people last week. 

Somalia has been marred by years of civil unrest since 1991 when warlords toppled former warlord Mohammad Siad Barre.

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